Hello there! You have landed on here on my about page. I'll tell you a bit about myself now.

I am a photographer from Bozeman, Montana. With my specialty being nightscape and landscape photography. I greatly enjoy wildlife and urban photography as well. 

What lead me to be a photographer? I have a passion for great photographs that I would hang on my wall and would enjoy seeing in local businesses for many to enjoy as well. There is a great story to be had with photography and that is exactly what I strive to being forward. Bringing out the emotion within the subject along with the emotions that I feel while on location into the image make for the best photographs that should be enjoyed by many.

All images are for sale, if you desire to purchase any please email me. Prices vary due to different mediums available from photo paper to canvas, to metal, to wood. 


Contact me via email at kyle@406exposure.com

Also check out my portrait photography at krphotography.us